Decorate Your Corner

Your little corner of the world is precious. It’s a space that’s all yours… a place to relax, a place to gain strength, and a place to retreat to when you’ve had a tough day. This is why it’s so important to spend a little time and energy creating a space that reflects you. Here are some of my favorite decorating ideas for making your corner of the world an organized sanctuary. (As shared with me from my fellow bloggers)

Organize Your Jewelry

With an accent color and a few frames, you can keep your jewelry collection organized and in focus. The key is to pick a color that won’t clash with the items on display. The green worked really well because she had a blank white canvas with lots of silver and turquoise/green jewelry to display. Adding in the silver lamp and grey drape keeps the palette down to 3 colors only. Keep it simple to keep it clean.

Idea shared by Shannon Rosen

Jewellery Organizer Idea from

Use a textured frame that matches your wall color to organize your treasures. Pick out a color from your best pieces to inspire a lamp shade or table cloth on your dressing table. An antique dessert tier from a vintage store makes a terrific bracelet organizer and little china condiment dishes keep your favorite rings front and center. Idea shared by:

If your limited on space, why not use a dressing table or desk in place of a night stand. The space will look unique and be much more functional. I love this mirrored vintage desk, so Hollywood glam. Crystal lamps and a large mirror give you plenty of light and reflection for a highly usable space.

This do it yourself home office is easy and inexpensive to create. Use study shelving to create a base with extra storage. Staple or glue a gathered white muslin fabric (hemmed to floor) to the edge of a large piece of mica. (Pre-cut to size at home depot) Top with glass, white or clear plastic sheeting for a surface that shines. Hang white shelving above and keep the look unified by picking one or max two colors for storage boxes, folders and shelve accents. Pick up the color with frames, flowers, and throw pillows to complete the look.