The Secret To Ageless Beauty


I had the nicest day visiting with Dr Shino Bay Aguilera at his Ft. lauderdale, Florida office this past week. Since many of you have asked me about my skin care, I wanted to share with you his “Secrets to Ageless Beauty” so I brought along my video camera for you to see. I love that none of the treatments that he recommends are surgical and everything has little to no downtime. Dr. Aguilera has been looking after my skin for the past few month with his skin care line and I am seeing excellent results. He believes that prevention is most important so I’m using his creams to build collagen. When I’m ready I will be trying out the treatment he talks about in the video called Pelleva. It’s painless and takes away fine lines under the eyes. He uses it himself but I have to say, Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera is not only beautiful on the outside, he’s beautiful on the inside as well. I hope you like the video. Xoxo, Jax

~Medical Grade Skin Care & Laser Treatments
~Injectable fillers & botox
~Getting back that youthful glow
~Anti-aging treatments & Prevention for body builders and fitness trainers

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