Decorating with Turquoise


Cream on Cream New Video_face1Ask Jax:
I loved your post about decorating your office space. Could you give me some tips on how to use an accent color in a room. I tried but my room looked really cluttered and busy. How do you use color in a classic way? Joan, MN (Submitted via Ask Jax)

Dear Joan,
Great question. We all love the look of color but sometimes adding bright and dramatic hues can leave you feeling dizzy instead of looking bold. Since turquoise seems to be the most popular color choices these days, I focused on it as an example. When it comes to decorating a living space with turquoise, people have 2 possibilities: either they choose to paint the walls of the room with color or they choose to decorate it with colorful accessories. The key here is to use the color as a focal point by keeping the other shades in the room very neutral. This tip works when highlighting any accent color in your personal landscape. Don’t forget to be playful with your choices and enjoy your decorating projects. I like to take time to think it through by sitting in my room with a sketch book and some paint color swatches. On a sheet I tape swatches of every major color that will be in the room that way I can eliminate or swap out anything that’s not working before I invest in the look. Then once your happy with your choices, carry your swatches with you to make sure you don’t stray.

Xoxo, Jax

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