Easter Table Decorating Ideas

Happy Easter everyone. What does your Easter look like? Is it a quiet get together with family or a flamboyant Suarez. The choice is yours. Here are some of my favorite idea clippings that I used to put together my own Easter party. FYI… I’ll be adapting some of these fun ideas for my next V.I.P fashion party as well that I’ll be hosting this month to premier my newest collection for http://www.JackiesBoutique.com

Using a tea pot filled with flowers as a center piece adds charm to your table.

Different colored silk butterflies tied to each glass not only makes your guests feel unique, they won’t loose their glass.

Colorful tulips in a vase filled with citrus slices not only smells heavenly, it adds an extra splash of color that they’ll never forget.

How cute are these candle holders created by turning over a glass onto a fresh or silk flower then adding a votive.

Try to pair the unexpected. Flowers in egg holders and a flower vase filled with colorful jelly beans.

Party poppers filled with candy, gift wrap your settings and a large glass bowl filled with colorful ornaments is a quick and easy way to create a playful table.

I hope you enjoyed my party decorating ideas. Be creative and don’t just use these for Easter. Your guests will love you for it because it shows them how much you care.