Desert Your Dessert


20120801-230408.jpgBe a dessert deserter this week and loose weight faster. If you stay away from sugar for 15-30 days then you’ll save yourself all those empty fat calories and you’re skin will love you for it. Apart from contributing to your inches all over, sugar is suspected to speed-up the process of wrinkling. Not to mention sugar takes your energy level to new lows.

So how do we stop?
Curb your munchies with lowfat yogurt and fruit snacks, baby carrots and celery. Tote them along during your day for a quick munch when your feeling week for a sugary snack. I like to drink lots of water, teas, and crystal lite during the day to help keep my energy up and prevent feeling empty in between meals. If your really having a hard time cutting the habit, try an all natural peanut butter in between 2 apple slices with raisins. It’s delicious.

Let me know how it goes. I’ve lost 6 pounds already and still going strong. Have a little dark chocolate on Sunday’s for my big splurge.
Xoxo, Jax