Fashion Bloggers: Look of the Week


Who could resist this beautiful look. Red and white are so effective together. I adore the dramatic statement of long skirts and the matching hat adds a powerful punch to the silhouette. You could pull this off with a plain white fitted jersey tee or a dress top for evening. Have to adore the risky open back though. It’s a show stopper. Finished off with silver bangles which happen to be trending big right now and you’ll be looking just as elegant.

The high low dress is a fast trending style but one that will no doubt face fast so you’ll want to keep your purchases economical this summer. Once the weather changes, things will be changing. This dress is adorable however with its precious print and light airy feel. I think the hat adds to the flirtatious feel and a pair of ankle strapped wedges fits the look nicely.

A new take on last seasons hat. I still have this petal hat and love it. This look offers a fun idea for a new spin on this rather large accessory. A lace top over black skirt and tights keep the look from being to heavy. When you wearing this large of a head topper, it’s best to keep the fabrics a bit translucent with sheers and laces. I also love the look of blue jeans with the petal hat for a more causal vibe.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this weeks picks from fashion bloggers who are trending their top looks across the Internet. I hope you got some inspiration for your own wardrobe.

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