Halloween Masquerade Party In Style

I love theme party’s and Halloween is the perfect occasion to express your creativity. This year I’m thinking black and white masquerade party. Here are some ideas that will not only pull your theme together but get your creative juices flowing. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to throw a fun little bash of your own. Xoxo, Jax

This table won’t be over lOOked with eye ball martinis in spooky black glasses. Keep with the theme by adding a black and white table runner and matching dessert plates. (Drink server from Pottery Barn)

Ghostly marshmallow cream topping chocolate cupcakes is a taste combination that makes a statement.

Dark chocolate cupcakes with white icing, chocolate shavings for legs and a raspberry jelly for the spider body is an idea that fits this spooky theme and creates a cupcake with style. Don’t forget to use chocolate sauce for decorating.

Pumpkins sprayed with off white paint and black ravens perched on barren branches enhance a black and white theme. Also consider placing groupings of black and white candles on silver platters for some amazing low lighting.

Skulls are white so they work perfectly with my theme. Use them on tables as center pieces. Think about using black, off-white and silver spray paint to keep your theme consistent. Notice the black candelabra, silver party favors and feather place mats.

Now that your party decorations are in place, you’ll need a stylish mask. I love this pearl a-symmetrical party mask. To make one for yourself just cut out your shape from a frosted water gallon (glue two pieces together depending on the plastic weight), hot glue pearls on starting in the center and working your way out. Trim off any excess where pearls wont fit. A painted wood stick from your local craft store or open ended elastic offer you options to wear your mask or be able to hold it. Now your ready to bask in the compliments as you enjoy a really fun night in style.