Best Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Since I released my Santa’s Secret Christmas List, I’ve been getting some questions on great low cost Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend or boy that’s a friend. Here are a couple of fun ideas that are low on the money scale yet high on the Love My Gift list.

Sometimes the best gifts come from great ideas instead of big bucks. I recently watched a terrific video from a you tuber named AndreasChoice that showed us 4 great ideas. Below are my favorite 2 from her video. ( ) .

Idea 1
Secret hide-a-way book: use your DIY skills to make an awesome secret hiding place for stashing his cash, cell phone, credit cards, or anything else he feels the need to hide a way. Take a thick book and draw something creative on the last page. Next use a metal ruler and blade to cut out a large square from the center of all the pages. Then use a makeup sponge to smear craft glue over the inside of the cut out and also all the outsides of the pages. Allow them to dry while the book sits under something very heavy. Once sealed the book will become a terrific hiding place for all his secrets. Don’t forget to sign it with a personal message on the inside of the front cover.

Idea 2
Candy Topiary: Glue a ball or tall tree shaped foam core into a decorative bowl or canister. The heavier the base the better it will work since you’ll need to support the weight of the candy. You can even add sand to the bottom before filling the center for extra weight. Now use tooth picks to secure all his favorite treats to the foam ball. Use colorful foiled chocolates, mini cupcakes, pop cakes, mellows, etc. This is such a fun way to be creative and definitely a great gift to get. Yummy!

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