New Years Day: It’s a Brand New Year


Well I must say its been quit a year. The world didn’t end, we got through another election, our economy is starting to make a come back and aliens aren’t sharing my morning coffee. It’s a brand day of a brand new year and nothing is stopping you from hitting the reset button to make your life fabulous. They say that how you spend the first day of the year has alot to do with how your new year will go so let’s talk resolutions both personal and professional. Maybe you’ll be making an effort to kick your style up a notch with a 365 day makeover and maybe even a style blog to chart and share your progress. You could become a better cook by trying 365 new recipes or even decide to make the world a better place with 365 smiles. What ever you choose, make sure it makes you happy.

As for me, I have big fashion plans for 2013 so stay tune for creative fashion designs, exciting fashion photography projects, stories of inspiration, awesome free fashion give-a-ways and so much fun to follow.

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Happy New Year!

Stay tune for some cool pictures of the Best Fashion Villains of 2012. Coming up next!