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Hello my Fashion obsessed females. After Fall’s more-is-more opulence, the industry reversed itself for Spring. And the antidote to all that gold crested brocade and bejeweled embellishment? It’s called simple elegance and I’m bringing you some key ways to wear the trend for Spring. It doesn’t get any more back-to-basics than black and white. This simply classic combination quickly emerged as one of the season’s big themes and I for one, have always enjoyed this elegant style. As with everything, there’s a secret to pulling off just the right mix so consider me your style fairy for this trend.

If your style is classic, stay mono-chromatic with your outfit then add in contrasting accessories for a powerful punch that won’t look cluttered. I love monochromatic dressing because it streamlines your silhouette your pieces become more tran -seasonal and you always looks pulled together.

Winter white is a softer way to wear the trend. Playing with fabric textures when wearing white is key. I love this look because its basically monochromatic with the simple addition of black leggings and shoes. Because the colors aren’t broken, you’ll still have a slim silhouette.
Photo courtesy of @cablook.design42day

Sometimes adding a little unexpected shot of color makes classic just a touch more fun and chic.
Photo courtesy of @triciagosingtian
I’m always up for new ways to wear lace fabrics. This outfit works because the sheer on the skirt and the top are the same color. It makes the silhouette more cohesive without breaking up the body. I also paired this with a lighter brushed silver shoe to pick up the sequins on the top rather than black to keep the palette from looking heavy.

If your more daring, go for a black and white print. The key here is in the proportions of your figure shape. If your a pear shape figure type, then you’ll want to keep the print up top for balance. Black pants will of coarse hide the figure flaws while the print top and trimmed blazer add interest while distracting from the bottom half. The blue shoes are an awesome touch don’t you think?
Photo courtesy of @vivaluxury

Polka- dots are always a good idea. No matter what color, they are always fresh and crisp. Since black pants are a wardrobe staple of mine, I wear this look all the time. Define the waist with a large belt and make sure tour pants are tailored to fit you perfectly. I never get bored of polka- dots.
Photo courtesy of Vogue

If you have a very straight shape then you can totally pull off print pants and skirts with a black top. Let me just warn you that prints in the wrong place on the wrong figure type can kill a look, so remember to keep your body shape in mind when your making your choices and always look in the mirror before you head out the door.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer G., 26 year old Native Fox from California

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