Eva Longoria At The Golden Globes 2013


Isn’t it funny how once someone does this pose, (Angelina Jolie 2012) it looks like an obvious copy to see someone do it again. As Eva walked the red carpet, you could tell what she was thinking. A coy smile flashed over her face every time she struck her Angelina leg pose. The sleeves on her dress are simply gorgeous and the open front releases some of the heaviness. Combine them with a nipped in waist, yards of flowing sheer, and a dramatic slit- that leaves us one stunning dress. There may be alot going on with this dress by Pucci, but I still love it. You know how much I love lace. Practically 1/3 of my new collection is lace at www.JackiesBoutique.com so I’m no stranger to the fantastically elegant fabric. To honor her keen sense of couture, I wanted to show you last years look as well. Two stunning looks on one of my favorite red carpet ladies. Xoxo, Jax



This makeup look is perfect for her red carpet black gown. A natural face and lip, smokey eye with super long lashes and a smoothed

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