Inspirational Looks

Some fabulous looks from my fellow bloggers around the world. I thought you may enjoy these pics of inspirational fashion. Xoxo, Jax
The modern lines of this jacket are inspirational. You could throw this kind of jacket over jeans or a cocktail dress. Even though the fabric makes a dressy statement, you could wear this for so many occasions.
by Kadri S., anaphrodisiac from Tallinn

I really like these adorable thigh high stockings with the scrolling feminine details. What a cute look for a casual sweater dress.
by Kasia G., blogger @ from Silesia/Poland

You know I love contrast over mono chromatic. It’s such a stylish way to wear a trend piece. This blue velvet jacket is the focal point when worn over a solid base. Let me just note those incredible shoes. Dying for them…
by Alice M., girl from London

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