A Sepia World of Liquid Silver to Chubbies : Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

Marc Jacobs fall runway show 2013Show: 15 minutes before the show, Marc tweeted “It’s a sepia world no filter necessary. Y’all are in for a treat tonight.” A giant red sun-shaped orb blasted light that altered the color of the collection so that it really did look sepia.

Marc-Jacobs-Fall_2013 liquid silverdress

I absolutely adore this liquid silver gown. I have to come up with something like this for my next video. It’s simply divine and would look so dramatic in motion. Marc-Jacobs-Fall_2013 glam evening fashion

How can we have a Fall season without glam. fabrics that look like liquid metallic were leading the way.

Marc-Jacobs-Fall_2013 chubbie fur

Furs: Jacobs did chubbies, stoles, capes, scarves with heavy fluffy. Each one complemented the color of the ready-to-wear worn underneath. I actually have a vintage champagne fox inherited from my Mother’s stash. I sleep in it. LoL

Marc-Jacobs-Fall_2013 Blush coat

I feel like I saw this coat alot last season, but a girl can never have to much pink. Belting the coat is a nice touch. Not unique but definitely classic. Any ideas??

Marc-Jacobs-Fall_2013 green skirt and sweater

This look is very modern meets forties meets seventies. I have heard talk of this color being really hot and heavy for Fall especially in nails. What do you think girls??hbz-Marc-Jacobs-nyfw13-01-lgn-49059012

Take it easy ladies, you don’t have to wear hot pants alone. Layer these under a sheer skirt and you have drama in the details.

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