Brighten Up Basics With Glitter


We took today’s photos on Dania Beach in Florida. It was a gorgeous day and as I caught a glimpse of the water from the street, I had to pull over for a quick unexpected beach excursion. The ocean was this amazing shade of bright green like a gift of nature. I find that quick little breaks like these during a busy day recharge my batteries and can really change my whole outlook. I always get my best ideas at the beach. In fact, once I returned to the studio I thought of a fab new top design for the new line.
Feeling comfortable in my clothes is my top priority so as the weather heats up I reach for casual tops and skirts. But this year I am loving how glitter adds that extra glamorous touch to a traditional tee shirt. Although I’m still basically a monochromatic kinda girl, the sequins just work without being to distracting. As I experimented with different combinations before deciding on this pairing, I noticed that it was best to keep the glitter to one piece of clothing and as long as the base color of the whole outfit was a consistent hue, the style still looked refined, expensive and classy. I also love how with just a fewer of the right accessories this outfit could easily go into evening. If I added a cream jacket and heels, it would be a terrific look for dinner as well.

Xoxo, Jax

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Any comments on other ways I could wear my top?
How do you like to wear your glitter? Leave me a comment below.


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