Style Diary: A Day Full Of Surprises


My life is hectic but fun and often full of surprises. On any given day I am in the studio helping new Artists live their dream, designing and modeling clothing for my own fashion collection , speaking to millions of people around the world on internet radio show about success and new music or recording beautiful songs that I can share with those special people in my life. One great blessing I am thankful for is that every second of my day involves inspiring peoples lives in creative ways that I dream up so in a way my job is to try to make dreams come true. When the day is done and I’m ready to take it easy, I love to relax with friends and family over dinner. It doesn’t matter whether were out at a restaurant or enjoying eating at home as long as we make time to get together. It’s those times that matter most.
Xoxo, Jax

What times matter most to you in your life?

OUTFIT by BlondiBeachwear.comTOP: Carolina Wrap Halter Top (shop here)  (similar top in print here)
SKIRT: Jersey Stretch Double Slim Skirt (hop here)
SWEATER: Cashmere from Neiman Marcus
SHOES: Nine West

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