Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers are special because they shape who we are. Their patience and understanding brings us a loving gift every single day.

Since my Mom never takes the time to make anything for herself, my gift to my Mom today is to design and make her 2 special tops that she has wanted but hasn’t had time to make. I’m going to be her own personal designer. My plan is to make her a special breakfast where we sketch the tops that she wants and then she’ll be soaking her feet in bubbles drinking tea while I make her patterns and fit her new designs on her perfectly.

Are you inspired to plan a project with your Mom today?
Here are my favorite Mother’s Day treats that you may enjoy doing with your Mom on this special day. Sometimes it’s the times that we spend together that make for the most special gifts so why not do a project together that she will love and always remember.

Pictures shared from my Pinterest board: here

Aren’t these clever? There are several different ways of doing this idea. First go through some of your family photos with Mom and let her pick out her favorites. Next blow them up to fit the tube and consider the look in black and white while your printing them. Glue the best portion of the photos around PVC piping or you can also use an empty paper towel tube ( but don’t fill with water, silk flowers only) now glue your photo tube onto a base of your choice or stand them in a glass bowl filled with clear beads.

An indoor herb garden. This is so cool. It doesn’t have to be mounted, you can also put them in a colorful window box.

Melt down some chocolate and have a fondue party with freshly brewed coffee and an afternoon movie.

Try one of these amazing at home recipe for an all natural organic mask.
1) Vitamin C Mask: Combine 2 tbsp. plain yogurt, 2 tbsp. orange juice and 1 tsp. almond oil in a mixing bowl. Stir the mixture until it thickens.
2) Avocado Mash Up: Thoroughly mix 1 ripe avocado, 1 beaten egg white, 2 T olive oil and 1 T apple cider vinegar. Leave on for 15 minutes.
3) Moisture to the Rescue: Mix together 1 ripe avocado, 1 T plain yogurt, 3 T olive oil and 1 T honey. Leave on for 20 minutes.