The Best of Chanel Resort Collection 2014

chanel-resort-2014-collection-40-600x899At first look my attention was drawn to the layers of creamy pearls, long silky highwaisted pants and an overall lush attitude, after all this is Chanel… but as I watched, there were several things that really drew me into this collection with many surprises along the way.
chanel-resort2014-runway-31_113419764405currently trending keyhole cutouts, traditional contrasting trims and matching cuffs. Note the color pairing. A simple navy with cream trim from head to toe.. including every little nail.
chanel-resort2014-runway-22_11341083895Did Rhianna inspire this one? Midriff baring crop top sport sets in busy prints with chunky chains.
One earring… Drama. drama..
chanel-resort2014-runway-36_113424622705Heavy embellished necklines in shapes that faintly resemble Breakfast at Tiffany’s shapes.
Chanel-Resort-2014-Karl-Lagerfeld-Kaleidoscope-Blog-11Chanel No 5 Handbag..
img-resortbeauty1_170250236533.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2Blue heavily lined eyes and sharply modern edgy hair.
There are so many elements in this collection that make it an incredible presentation of the past meets the future. From the reminiscent journey through Coco Chanel’s original shop style to today’s more modern trends, resort 2014 looks absolutely divine and inspirational. Cut to future, I see some trends about to change once this collection hits stores: key new silhouette of high-waisted, wide-leg trousers worn with what were essentially oversize T-shirts, blue eye liners, a-symmetrical earrings, short hair and strong enamel cuffs.
What did you like best about the collection? Jax