Fashion FYI: Crazy for Camo

It seems like Camouflage inspired prints are landing on everything from long skirts to kitten heels so I thought I would arm you with some fun options and style tips to wearing the trend.

Camouflage doesn’t have to be drab. There are plenty of gorgeous options out there. I love how versatile these pieces are and the print is a more feminine take on the traditionally boring camo. This versatile wrapping halter top is paired with a matching maxi skirt for a slimming fluid effect that will hide all your sins in a stretch silky jersey that travels without wrinkles. Worn together, it gives the long lean effect of a dress with a very slimming silhouette yet you still have two amazing pieces that you can pair with tons of outfits. I love this style top with a solid skirt or jeans under a blazer. The halter panel in front gives you very clean lines for a classic look with just a hint of trend and sexy open back should you decide to share it. Then the skirt can be paired with a simple casual tee on weekends or a sweater that picks up any of the neutral skirt colors as the weather gets cooler. You won’t run out of options with these two pieces and they are less trendy nor tied to a specific season depending on where you live.

Find the Deals on the Goodies:

Camouflage Print Long Jersey Maxi Skirt $88 ( here)

Camouflage Print Wrap Halter Top $88 (paired with white jersey skirt) ( here)

Cherry_blossom_gr_100kWhite stretch jersey fully lined skirt $70 (Blondi Beachwear here)


Shoe Republic Elias Chain Heels CAMOUFLAGE $35.80 (here)
You know there has to be an awesome shoe in there somewhere, if I’m shopping. I had to include these as I was hunting around for great fashion finds. Check out the price.

20130809-224722.jpgYes, looks like we are going camo crazy for pre-fall. But these pieces can be really fun to wear mixed in with your favorite weekend pieces. If your scared to commit but want to dabble in the shallow end of the pool, just wear your camo as an accessory or accent piece to liven up all black, tan or white outfits. The contrast will be striking without being over-powering. It’s all about marching to your own tune. Hey now! xo- JAX

Find the Deals on the Goodies:
Camouflage Hunting Caps $4.95

Red Dot Women’s Deep V-Neck Shirt (here)

Scarf veil “Camouflage” khaki $14.99 (here)

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses 543652 Camouflage (here)

GUESS Green Camouflage Leggings $59 (here)

ECOSCO Orange Camouflage Leggings $10 (here)

Camo Studded Wedge Sneakers $34.20 (here)