Jax Decor: Living Room Storage Shelf Ideas

I have been looking for storage options to make the most of my space and I found some great ideas that you may also like to recreate in your home this year. I’m a huge fan of simple color palettes so this idea spoke to me. It does require a large room to carry so much black but if your room is smaller just trade all the items for white pieces and you’ll open up your room. I love the open shelf wall behind the couch just be sure to keep it tidy by grouping similar items and using balance when selecting which items to store bottom verses top.

These metal shelves are terrific for storing your collection of oversized books or magazines along with cherished photos. I especially love the over sized frames featured in the center shelves. If your pictures are smaller, try creating collages in larger frames to get the look with less clutter.

The extra long shelves offer plenty of room for storage while elongating the wall space. Because the shelves aren’t broken up with lots of wood cubbies, the wall stays open and your eye is drawn across the space instead of looking heavy. Notice that the items are uniformly arranged with the bulk and tallest items directly in the center of the unit. This helps to keep the balance and make the storing items appear less cluttered. It also helps to paint the wall color a complimenting shade to the shelf colors. A contrast would highlight clutter and make the ceilings appear lower.

How do you like the looks? Would you try them at home or use the ideas to customize your own stylish arrangement?
Love your feedback below.

Photo provided by: restorationhardware.com