Save or Crave: Cat Eye Sunglasses


cateye sunglasses_jax_couture_fall_2013Are you cat crazy? Winged eye liner, leopard spots and kitten heels are all hot right now. So I guess my question is how cat crazy are you willing to get? We saw classic woman of style indulging in the design years ago and as the fashion tide is currently refreshing the looks of the past, this is one that has loads impact on the style-o-meter. Did you know that this shape can sculpt, lift and perk-up a round face while adding a touch of glamor to any outfit. I love wearing glasses and never leave the house without them. The question is which one should I choose? Xo, JAX

So what will it be ladies? SAVE OR CRAVE?

Cateye Sunglasses $11 : These are such a terrific deal and such a pretty look.

Kate Spade Angeliqs Cat Eye Sunglasses $76 :The black and white design is so classic that these will never go out of style.

Velvet Eyewear Sofie Cat-Eye Sunglasses $159 : The white glasses that I have on in the photo are from my personal stash but I’ve linked you a pair just like them.