FYI Accessories: Purple Nails, Charming Charm Bracelets, Gold Shoe Heels and Falls Biggest Bag Trend

Do you have an interest in details? For me fashion is all about the little stylish details that have meaning, When I put together this weeks list, I selected things that were special because it’s those pieces that we end up loving the most and make us smile all day long.
Enamel and gold charm bracelets bring me back to this adorable Halston jewelry sets my mother bought me when I was 12. They were charmed in blue and cream with little hearts. I loved them.

A collection of interesting rings that have a story make for a much better personal style statement than a tray full of cheap accessories. Hand pick your pieces and know why their special to you.

I had an ivory ring like this years ago. When I lost it, I was sad because it was something that I really missed. I never realized how much I enjoyed it until it was gone.

I’m loving this multi-ring look. I saw this recently on Glamorai, I used to wear my rings like this in high school. Fashion runs in cycles and this one is ready to make a big come back.

Purple nail polish and gold accessories. My Mother just recently bought this polish, a surprising departure from our traditional pink and coral but it’s a refreshing change for Fall especially when paired with gold accessories. I love how the colors look together.

Every season one bag style rushes forward invading wardrobes all over the world. I really like the new shape don’t you?

Gold heeled pumps are not only sexy, they were the weapon of choice in “Single white female”. Why does that make them so much more powerful?

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Photo’s from my Pinterest board “Accessory Alley@JacquelineJax