Fashion FYI: Oversized Earrings, Black and White, and Shades of Any Hue

Black and White
This crisp contrast is one of my favorite looks. No matter what season, black and white will always be there for you. It works in all styles from casual to evening depending on the pieces you pair. Get creative. If your inspired click “like” and share.

Oversized Earrings
Get out your favorite beauties ladies, pull that hair back and flaunt your most dramatic attitude.

Red All Around
Don’t be afraid of going big on red. This rich color is classic and not just for accents. The key is keeping in the same hue. You can change up the fabrics but the reds must match. Pair your looks with a neutral color like black, white, tan or grey.

Playing with texture
If you stay within the same hue, you can get creative with textures and fabrics while still looking classic. This works because the two colors running thru the look are Black and Tan. Be careful not to throw in to many colors of your textures will look more cluttered than classic and chic.

What are your thoughts on the latest styles? Are you planning to try the looks for yourself?

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Photo by Dolce and Gabanna and Michael Kors