{JAX STYLE} I Dream In Color

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They say that only artists dream in color. If this is true and you have seen vivid images in dreams then you must be creative. Even if you have never considered yourself in that way, you may not be looking hard enough. Creative thinkers are not just artists, they have unusual minds and think outside the box in ways that only expanded minds can comprehend. I have known artists to walk all kinds of fields: mathematics, painters, sculptures, musicians, scientists, historians, architects, craftsman… You see, I believe that there is an artists in all of us. Somewhere hidden deep inside where it is safe, just waiting to be inspired….

JAXCOUTURE_jacqueline_jax_dress_pucci JAXCOUTURE_pucci_bag_teal_dress_kravis_center JAXCOUTURE_style_dress_pucci_bag Kravis_center_palm_beach_jacqueline_jax

I wore a teal tank dress with matching sweater.  (Dress from Blondi Couture) This length is a favorite of mine right now as it seems to create a sleeker silhouette on my curvy frame. It’s the perfect length for day or evenings and depending on how I pair it, the color and style works for afternoons at the theater (in photo: Kravis Center) or evening out paired with a leather jacket or sheer blouse and belt. For day, I found these beautiful shoes from Franco Sarto. The chunky heel is not only comfortable but a trend for Spring. My bag is a vintage favorite of mine. A Pucci canvas that I came across in a vintage store in Miami a few years ago. It is one of those treasures that you don’t come across but once in a lifetime. :0)

More photo here: Blondi Beach City Spot
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photo-15Lookbook_cream_lace_skirtBlondi_beach_city_spot_kravis_centerCOMMENTS FROM READERS:

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Frank Vitale I wish That I was a step, I wish that I was a step……………………..
Hector Torres Agreed! Never stop dreaming


Tina Hayes Digging on the purse
Philip Meade Saw Sheryl Crow there a few months ago!! Really Great show!! But what a stuffy environment, they wouldn’t even allow cellphone pics and I prefer other places with better seating arrangements and they wouldn’t allow refreshments in the hall, Booo!!
Philip Meade Actually my Mom LOVES the place, to each his own

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  1. It was really good. I enjoyed it. The tickets were gifted to me by a friend so I took my Mom with me. She didn’t love it but I love to experience new things so it was just a sweet way to spend my Sunday and I needed a day off.

  2. Actually, I just checked them out -the play looked really interesting, and the theater was beautiful. 🙂

  3. I love this outfit on you -you look so beautiful. I also like what you said about creativity. I definitely dream in color! As always, I love reading your blog. 🙂

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