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Spring Fashion Casual Spring Top and Slacks
Monday: Pink silk top with kauki slacks / Sunglasses Ralph Lauren
Walks in the afternoons are a big part of my sanity when work days get long so having lots of comfy outfits in my wardrobe are a must for flexibility. A silk top in pink paired with my strechy slacks. I have these pants in every color. They are so terrific for work.

Ralph Lauren Navy Blazer Fashion Lookbook
TUESDAY: Classic Navy Blazer Ralph Lauren, white v neck tee, skinny jeans, FENDi Glasses
Who doesn’t love a navy blue blazer. It doesn’t get any more easy than to pull on some stretch jeans, a white tee and a blazer. This outfit is great for work, running errands, shopping or even weekends. It’s a classic.


Casual Florida Fashion StyleFriday: Grey Slacks, Black v-neck cardigan, silver jewelry
I have a selection of tailored pants in pretty much every color in my wardrobe. They make for really easy pairings with different tops and sweaters. I recommend gathering pairs in lack, kauki, cream, white, grey and tan.

Print Summer Fashion Trends Florida Looks
Saturday: Green Cherry Blossom Halter Sundress BlondiBeachwear.com $98
Spring is such a great time. I love wearing print dresses. They are so comfy and feminine. I’ll be living in these come summer for sure.

Casual Black Sweater Fashion Lookbook
SUNDAY: Black European Pant $90 (Blondibeachwear.com) with lightweight cashmere pullover Sketcher sneakers $45 / Gold rim Fendi sunglasses
One of my favorite day off outfits. a stretch cashmere light weight pullover and stretch jersey pants. I actually workout in this outfit alot. It’s so comfortable.

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Sonny Cassady……stealing little kid’s Easter eggs!
Steve CarltonHappy Easter Jackie. Cool pic!
Jacqueline Jaxthanks Steve. i love this spot. so peaceful
Sheldon ShoreBentley and I are going motorcycle riding

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Jacqueline JaxShelly i want a picture.
Jacqueline Jaxso cute. left u a message to come by.
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Peter McInroeSorry tp keep you waiting be there soon lol
Joe Hayneshello skinny ….
Jacqueline Jaxhi there. Happy Easter. Joe Haynes, im doing all those quicky workouts.
Sheldon ShoreYou make every outfit look Beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your mom
Jacqueline JaxHi Sheldon Shore .. Happy Easter bighugs to you and the puppy.
Joe HaynesI joined Planet Fitness ….Luv it !
Peter McInroeWOW my friend dont you look fantastic happy easter