{Trend To Try} Fashion Calls For Perforated Fabrics That Let The Light In

JacquelineJax Perforated Fashion Trend BloggerWhether pierced, hole punched, or laser-cut, perforated clothing and accessories are having a major moment this season. This unexpected look is a trend you should definitely try. Perforated pieces are playing a prominent role in both Spring and Fall collections of many designers so there is no doubt we will see this style have some staying power. With a sporty-meets-punk vibe, these cut clothing and accessories make a strong style statement, adding a visually interesting touch to any look. The treatment to the fabric makes everything lighter in appearance and physical weight making it a great option for spring and summer as well. In my opinion, it’s a trend that offers a nice texture to classic shapes that are handy to have in your wardrobe. Take a look at some of the styles and tell me how you feel about it. -JAX

perforated fashion trend
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This feminine yellow classic is actually a custom creation that Dutchess Kate helped to design in 2010 proving that if you choose well, your wardrobe could be filled with lasting styles.

If you choose to wear the look in clothing, woven and perforated fabrics can give you that peek-a-boo effect so be careful to wear a piece that doesn’t reveal to much or has a lining (photo above). Depending on where you’ll be wearing it, you don’t want to be dressed inappropriately. This modern mesh skirt is paired with a simple white cami highlighting the lady like crispness, while a punch of red on the jacket and shoes keeps the combo very classic chic. This combination is a very high fashion multifunctional look appropriate for work, cocktails, dinner parties, and lunch meeting. (Mesh pencil skirt : matchesfashion.com)
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If you Do want to be more daring, it’s all about pairing the right under-garments with your pieces so that you flatter your figure.


(Photo) TOP: Milly Spring 2014 Bralette SKIRT: Milly Spring 2014 Perforated Pencil Skirt:
This outfit worked because the top is simple and not over powering. All the focus is left on the skirt and a complimenting short is worn along with matching black accessories to pull the look together. Notice that the outfits that work best typically don’t pair to many colors together. This is definitely not a work or day look, but could be paired with a fitted white jacket for an evening out, VIP club for cocktails, or model magazine party. It’s a high trend pairing so you’ll want to make sure you choose the appropriate occasion to wear this one.

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Rebecca Minkoff Samba Lasercut Leather Sleeveless A-Line Dress $498

Shop the look: Tracy Reese Women’s Perforated Shift Dress $116
20140419-215432.jpgJackets will certainly be the easiest clothing item to try when adopting this trend because you can have fun with the look without worrying about the sheerness.

Similar Jacket $99 – Kenneth Cole Perforated Faux Leather Jacket

Over all my favorite way to wear this trend will certainly be a monochromatic svelt silhouette with strategically placed stretch perforated fabrics inserts. The look is more likely to maintain its relevance through seasonal changes and it’s a marvelously modern approach to my own classic wardrobe.

(Similar dress : BCBGMAXAZRIA Dell Perforated Dress $198 )

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Tell me how your feeling about the Perforated Fashion Trend. Are you liking the look? Would you like to see your girlfriend wearing it? Would you dare to wear it? Help me evaluate the latest trend.


Bill BuffingtonYes, I do like it and would like to see my wife wear it. As to my girlfriend, if I respond to that…it is I who will be perforated with .45 cal design.
I think it need be in moderation. In other words, along the hem, Or bodice but not both.
It has long since been acceptable in fashion footwear and handbags. It’s breathing (light in) is wonderful given the Southeast weather conditions; unto rainy weather it has obvious drawbacks in footwear.  A good clothing line should offer it for a season.
Jacqueline JaxI like it to Bill Buffington. I have actually have alot of tops, bags and shoes already in my wardrobe and have found them timeless in a way for that reason. It can add texture to the fabrics so if you choose well, It’s all good.