The Best Bikini Styles To Wear For Your Figure Type

Have you been trying to figure out what are the best swimwear styles to wear for your figure type?

Allow me to introduce several Swimsuit separates that offer you different options for common body types. It doesn’t matter if you are super straight or ultra-curvy, I found styles that are guaranteed to make you look amazing in your bikini. Join me for this fun video where I review the swimwear styles and offer you huge savings for shopping at home.

Featuring the pink and orange peacock swimwear separate collection from

3 Basic Swimsuit Rules:
1) Vibrant colors really stand out. So if your looking to grab center stage in your swimsuit, look for a hot color.

2) Prints hide figure flaws where solids show everything. The bolder the print and color, the more flaws you can hide and the colors make you look really tan.
3) High cut legs will really make your legs appear longer. Avoid the lowrise swimwear bottoms unless your hips are super small. Curvy figure types look much better in scooped bottoms with french cut legs to elongate the silhouette.

Items in video:
Pink Peacock Swimsuit Separates:
Orange Peacock Swimsuit Separates:
Save on your swimsuit separates when you shop with me on the video. I’ll tell you which styles to wear and how to save big time on designer swimsuits.

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