The New Version of Jax Couture has Launched Are You Subscribed?

Hello my friends,

I just wanted to remind you that the new web site for has just launched this week and I’m encouraging all of you to check that you are still subscribed by going to the new page in your browser window and entering your email address in the subscribe box at the top right hand side.

As our domain is no longer going to be located on the server, you will not be receiving any of our freshest posts without making sure you are subscribed.

Please take a moment to do that now so you won’t forget.

1) Click here
2) Enter your preferred email address in the subscription box located in the right hand side navigational column.

I’m excited for this update so we can return to normal daily blogging to open an ongoing commentary on everything from fashion and beauty to home décor including my weekly wardrobe posts that have become so popular among my readers.

As you know, isn’t just any old website… It’s a weekly style journal that not only randomly gives away cool gifts to its subscribers, it encourages you to participate daily in the comment section of the posts, make friends with like-minded tastemakers, and stay up to date on the latest fashions. Think of your new membership as your front-row VIP pass to all things lovely and chic.

Enjoy the new website and have fun exploring it! (Also, please recommend me to a friend, you may just be my next giveaway winner for your generosity.)

See you on the website!