{DIY Chic Style} Home Decor Video: Vanity Accessorie Holders and Vases

DIY VANITY ACCESSORIES: I have been looking for ideas to freshen up my vanity counter and bathroom shelves. This DIY idea really inspired me to rethink what I already had. Instead of buying new, I decided to order some glitter … Continue reading

{DIY Chic Style} Home Decor Video: Coffee Bean Candle and Lamp Shade

DIY BEDROOM UPDATE: How many times have you wanted to change up your lamp shades? I really thought this awesome DIY vlogger brought life to a really inexpensive lamp. Doesn’t it make you want to run out and create some … Continue reading

{DIY Chic Style} Home Decor Video: White Studded Side Tables

DIY STUDDED END TABLE PROJECT: I really enjoyed this DIY on how to make a studded end table. This would be wonderful in your bedroom, living room or reading area. I was furniture shopping a few months ago and came … Continue reading